Harbourside Condos Bowling League starts again!

Bowling league Harbourside

To all Harbourside Residents that are interested in bowling, the Harbourside Bowling League is going to start again on October 18th at 9:45 AM!

Mixed handicap 4 person teams will play at

Ten Pin Lanes located a 1453 Pasadena Ave, South Pasadena, FL, Tel. 727-381-1010.

Feel free to call Ten Pin Lanes with any questions, this is a fun way to relax and stay active at the same time!

About Tanja Cisliek

I am a passionate Real Estate Agent, and have truly found my calling. As a Realtor, I can utilize my enthusiasm and love for real estate, together with my banking and project management background. Bringing transactions to a smooth closing, and being part of such an important milestone in people's lives is a very rewarding job! I am a German transplant, moved initially in 1998 to Chicago where I met my husband, and where I worked as project coordinator. In 2002 we moved together to Florida, where I am working as a Real Estate Agent since 2004. I love helping Buyers and Sellers in the St. Petersburg Florida area with all their real estate needs!
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