Business Review: Sarah Wood Photography for South Pasadena, FL

Whenever somebody asks me if I know a good photographer for the South Pasadena area, the answer is Sarah Wood Photography, Tel. 727-422-6664.

Sarah Wood Photographer in South Pasadena FLSarah Wood is not only a good photographer, she is an EXCELLENT photographer, and I have heard that first-hand from several of her clients!

Sarah Wood’s vision of photography is heart-warming and very personal, here a quote from her website: “I view things in what appear to be clicks, or shutters. My child flashes a smile at me as he walks into his first day of Kindergarten: click. I watch as a teenage girl helps her Grandma out of the car to grocery shop (oh, how the roles have changed): click. (…) Pure, simple love: click.  This is life in photography. It is yours to live; mine to capture!”

I had 2 photo sessions with Sarah Wood in the recent weeks. First we had a family photo taken, and we are also ordering our Christmas cards from Sarah Wood Photography this year (They turned out amazing, I can’t wait to mail them!).

We were very flexible, and in general I was helpless and had no clue, other than I wanted us to look good. She helped me by emailing sample photos of what she had done, even emailed me sample pages of outfits for entire families, suggested several cool locations, and led us with her experience and knowledge. We ended up going to the beach, Sarah Wood is a great choice for anybody looking to have a family photo taken on the beach! Our children had a great time at the photo shot itself, she was funny, got us to relax, and was super easy to work with. She moved us around and said stuff like “No, this doesn’t work, you don’t look as good as I want you to in this pose.” I liked all her great guidance.

The results are stunning. If not for protecting my children’s privacy, I would broadcast our/their photos all over this post. You can visit Sarah Wood Photography’s facebook page and/or her website and maybe you can scout out the most beautiful children – those would be mine!

Tanja Cisliek Realtor 727-480-4155

Photo by Sarah Wood September 2012

Tanja Cisliek Realtor 727-480-4155

Studio shot July 2009

My second photo shot was for work. My partner Denise Hobbs and I had a very precise vision, we wanted this professional looking photo, that would look approachable, open, friendly and this “just right” mix of looking as good as possible, without duplicating our old photos, where we had a studio shot taken, looking stiff and unnatural (old photo from 2009 to the right).Sarah realized right away that we had our own vision, and immediately jumped on board to make our idea happen. She used her expertise to make our outside photo look exactly how we envisioned it. She put her heart and soul into the photos, so that we would be happy with our headshots. I love it, and can’t wait to start using the new photo.Last but not least, I learned a big lesson from this. I always figured my husband and I take good photos, and we have some nice ones of our family, that we have taken over the years. But it pays to hire a professional like Sarah Wood. The quality of photos we got from Sarah Wood Photography is amazing, there were so many good photos to choose from, it was hard to make a selection.I would recommend Sarah Wood Photography to anybody looking for an excellent photographer in the South Pasadena area, you’ll be glad you gave her a call!  Sarah Wood Photography: 727-422-6664

Tanja Cisliek |Realtor  

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About Tanja Cisliek

I am a passionate Real Estate Agent, and have truly found my calling. As a Realtor, I can utilize my enthusiasm and love for real estate, together with my banking and project management background. Bringing transactions to a smooth closing, and being part of such an important milestone in people's lives is a very rewarding job! I am a German transplant, moved initially in 1998 to Chicago where I met my husband, and where I worked as project coordinator. In 2002 we moved together to Florida, where I am working as a Real Estate Agent since 2004. I love helping Buyers and Sellers in the St. Petersburg Florida area with all their real estate needs!
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