Harbourside Condos South Pasadena | Island Place Construction Question

The Harbourside Island Place residents seem to have it hard the second year in a row! Both winters, 2011 and 2012, were marked by maintenance work being done to the buildings at Island Place, that would be Buildings 4, 5 and 6 at Harbourside.

Harbourside Island Place Building 5

Island Place at Harbourside –  Entrance Building 5

I have been thinking that surely the Board of Directors at Island Place made conscious choices about the construction, but I did want to learn more about the reasoning for the timing, because I have heard people say “Why, oh why is the construction always being done in the winter?” and have often thought myself “How about July or August, when 3/4 of the Harbourside condos are empty, and this wouldn’t bug anybody??”

I had a very nice email exchange with a Board Member at Island Place, and learned the facts behind the maintenance work. I was naively assuming it wouldn’t make a difference when the work is done, so why not do it during the summer? But I learned that the Association is actually saving money by having the work done during the winter months!  This is a big one, I know Owners at Island Place paid a special assessment for the project in 2011, so their unexpected, out-of-pocket expense would have been even higher otherwise. The Board at Island Place was money-consciousness to get the needed word done at the lowest price possible.

Building 6 at Harbourside

Harbourside – Building 6 | Island Place Entrance

Further, I never thought about who was really in charge of the project. All the Owners at Island Place paid for it, and Board Members and Residents need to be present to make sure the work is done right. Harbourside is a 2nd home for many Owners and/or Board Members, it would be risky to hire a big project out, spend tons of money, and then leave the contractors to fend on their own without supervision. It sure wouldn’t be feasible to call somebody who’s out of town on a question pertaining to the concrete condition on the 5th floor, would it?!

Last but not least, Owners wouldn’t enjoy having strangers rise and lower their storm shutters throughout projects during the summer, workmen would have to access units to move furniture off balconies and to operate the storm shutters. I am sure most owners prefer to be present rather than strangers entering their unit, and I am not even sure if that would be an option to have workmen do that, seems like liability on their part that they might not want to take on.

So, I still feel the frustration of many residents that the work is happening, but now I understand why it is happening now, when most residents are here, and not at another time. I suspect that many people don’t realize the reasoning behind it, and I hope this information can help you understand a little bit better, too!

As usual, if you do have any questions about Harbourside, contact me at 727-480-4155 or via ReachTanja@gmail.com.

About Tanja Cisliek

I am a passionate Real Estate Agent, and have truly found my calling. As a Realtor, I can utilize my enthusiasm and love for real estate, together with my banking and project management background. Bringing transactions to a smooth closing, and being part of such an important milestone in people's lives is a very rewarding job! I am a German transplant, moved initially in 1998 to Chicago where I met my husband, and where I worked as project coordinator. In 2002 we moved together to Florida, where I am working as a Real Estate Agent since 2004. I love helping Buyers and Sellers in the St. Petersburg Florida area with all their real estate needs!
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  1. Anne Hensel Realtor says:

    I just love your blog about Harbourside, so much information on this awesome condo complex in South Pasadena.

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