Harbourside South Pasadena|Why people can’t move in tomorrow

It happened again, and it will probably happen again in the future: I showed Harbourside to a client, he really likes the amenities and condo, and Harbourside in general, and he wants to live in the condo. He wants to move-in this coming Monday, but I have to tell him he can’t. He is upset, because the condo is vacant. “It’s vacant, I got the money, I want to move in!”  – But Harbourside is not a hotel!

Harbourside Condos | Clubhouse, Pool and Tennis

Although Harbourside has 9 different Associations, they all have the same rule: no move-in without new owner or new tenant approval!

Each Association has its own New Owner/New Tenant application form, but the procedure is the same. A COMPLETE application package has to be submitted to the appropriate Property Management Company for approval, and the complete application package consists of:

– The Application Form, completed and signed by all applicable parties (typically Seller and Buyer/Owner and Tenant)

– Copy of the executed (signed) lease

– Application fee

The Application Fee ranges from $50 to $100, and some of the Associations waive the fee if the same Tenant(s) renew for subsequent lease periods.

Why is this approval so important to the Association?

They would like to know whom to contact in case of emergency. Whom can they call if there seems to be a safety issue or problem at the condo, like water dripping from the ceiling in the condo under you? Is the unit occupied or vacant, what if maintenance on the common area like the walkways requires access to the unit? The application form is where the Association is learning the new Owner/Tenants’s name, phone numbers, etc.

Further, along with the individual Association, the Master Association receives a copy of the new occupant’s information. New occupants receive the bar code for their vehicle at the Master Association office. Without application process, they wouldn’t know that the new occupant is authorized to get access to Harbourside!

The application process ensures that the deed restrictions at Harbourside are being followed. The copy of the lease ensures for example that the minimum rental periods (60 days in some buildings, 90 days in most) are being met. Some buildings reserve the privilege of pet ownership for owners, the application process ensures that Tenants do not bring pets into those buildings. It further makes sure that Sellers can’t sell without being current on their association dues, and that keeps the complex financially healthy and stable.

For people new to Harbourswide, this just seems to be extra work for new Owners and Tenants. But the fact that Harbourside is not a hotel, and that you can not simply check-in like at the Holiday Inn, is the very thing that keeps Harbourside the nice, polished and gated community that it is!

Just plan accordingly, and enjoy the beautiful Harbourside lifestyle after you are approved!


Please do not hesitate to call me at 727-480-4155 if you are interested in moving to Harbourside in South Pasadena / St. Pete Beach, I am here to help!


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1 Response to Harbourside South Pasadena|Why people can’t move in tomorrow

  1. Anne Hensel Realtor says:

    You are so right, there are application processes pretty much every in the Tampa Bay condo complexes and most buyers or renters do not think about it.

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