Harbourside South Pasadena Florida | What factors affect the rental income

Harbourside South Pasadena | What factors affect the rental income

There are some main factors that will affect how much rent a Harbourside owner can get:

  • Property Condition: If furnished, the furniture in a desirable rental is in appealing condition and well coordinated. The entire property needs to be well maintained and safe (no exposed wires, lose stair railings, trip hazards, etc) and appliances have to work. It has to be clean enough for any mother to feel comfortable letting her baby crawl around on the floor.
  • Location: Some locations rent better than others. If you haven’t purchased property yet, I can show you where the most requested areas are. The most significant preference I observe is that most seasonal tenants like to enjoy the sun while in Florida, so “sunny side is best” for them.
  • Size: 2 bedroom units can ask for a higher rent than 1 bedroom units. It isn’t just about number of beds and pull-out sofas though. If you have more beds, the dining and living area have to accommodate a larger group, offer sitting areas to allow everybody to lounge and relax, have dishes for a larger number of people.
  • Pets: Many Owners do not wish to rent to Tenants with pets. If a Landlord is “pet friendly” and the deed restrictions allow it (only the case in some Harbourside buildings!!), a higher rent might be attainable!
  • Gated: Comparable units in gated versus non-gated communities typically will get a higher rent price. However, the monthly condo association fees are normally also higher in the gated communities, so there is not really a potential for higher net income. The biggest advantage I see for Harbourside owners is that properties in gated communities are perceived as more desirable, and are often easier to fill.
  • Age Restrictions: Age restricted translates for less income. Since Harbourside is not age restricted, owners get more rent than condos at Bay Island next door do, although Bay Island is a gated community as well.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about things to consider when renting out your property, please call me at 727-480-4155 or contact me via ReachTanja@gmail.com! I am also here to help if you are looking to buy an investment property and have not found the right one yet!

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About Tanja Cisliek

I am a passionate Real Estate Agent, and have truly found my calling. As a Realtor, I can utilize my enthusiasm and love for real estate, together with my banking and project management background. Bringing transactions to a smooth closing, and being part of such an important milestone in people's lives is a very rewarding job! I am a German transplant, moved initially in 1998 to Chicago where I met my husband, and where I worked as project coordinator. In 2002 we moved together to Florida, where I am working as a Real Estate Agent since 2004. I love helping Buyers and Sellers in the St. Petersburg Florida area with all their real estate needs!
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3 Responses to Harbourside South Pasadena Florida | What factors affect the rental income

  1. Anne Hensel Realtor says:

    I think the furniture is very important. When you advertise photos of the condo people are instantly attracted if the like the furniture and decor.

  2. Ron C says:

    Thank you for that hint with the pets, I was never open to that idea, but you made me realize it could make a difference in getting a good tenant.

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